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(New Album Review) Cavatica Sessions- Orbweaver

Cavatica Sessions (named after a beer that was named after a spider’s scientific name) arose from a collaboration between Tim Gray (Ethernet) and Elias Foley (Temple Maps). What happens when you combine the 32-bit hauntology of Temple Maps with the spacious, meditative techno vibes of Ethernet? To answer that question you’ve got to look at their shared affinity for dub techno– Orbweaver is a take on deep techno sounds as unconventional as Foley and Gray’s respective styles. Foley put out the limited cassette release of Orbweaver on his label Tamarack Music, which earlier this year put out On Solar Winds, his fine new album as Temple Maps, right after High Light, a collaboration between Gray and Tim Worley (Jatun).

These are layered, eclectic mixes in which splattery, booming beats compete for space with rambunctious, mantric refrains– a bustling alien landscape with synth ligaments jutting out from every direction. The sound design is intriguingly atypical for dub techno– the textures are tinny and angular, yet they resound heavily. When the guys bust out the swirling synth stabs on a track like “Heavy-Bodied”, what you’re ultimately struck by is the claustrophobia of the overall mix, which is shot through with clattering echo-heavy polyrhthms– these mixes are more dubby than ambient, with the interplay of percussive, metallic surfaces sending the listener into deep trance territory.

This one is certainly among the year’s essential listening for fans of experimental electronica at its most abstract– check it out right now!

(New Album Review) Newaxeyes- Assange/Church [12″ LP]

This is certainly one of the most hard-to-pin-down releases I have listened to this year. Seattle’s Newaxeyes are an experimental quartet (Will Hayes and Tyler Coray on guitars, Bret Gardin and Jordan Rundle on synths and other electronics) who make techno with rock instrumentation, synthesizers, and sampling. Their new release “Assange/Church” was released on DivineDroid records last October. They have only been together for roughly a year and a half, but this record shows promise, eclecticism, and assurance.

Newaxeyes find inspiration in a wide variety of styles of music, and have shared bills with psych rock, hip hop, and noise. One of the most ready connections one can make with their music is with post-rock, and this is especially clear on the mini-epic “Assange”. This track sounds like a hard-edged Bowery Electric, a grim techno trip with a crystalline guitar line as the main guide. Just as intriguing is the slightly dissonant closer, “Church”, which starts off with a chirping synth wading through choppy bursts of noise and growling guitar, then abruptly transitions into a weird, murky hip-hop beat. This collective can sculpt left-of-center noise into something danceable, and already I am curious to see what they might produce on a full-length release. They would most certainly be at home at Sanctuary Sunday’s next installment of Accent/Sustain.