(Quick Take) Rootless- Distant Cities

By way of a bubbling mixture of ambient loops, fingerstyle guitar, and spoken word fragments, Rootless, the project of Brooklyn-based artist Jeremy Hurewitz, dips his toes into the waters of eternity. Distant Cities, off Wise, Virginia’s excellent Otherworldly Mystics and produced by Mountains’ Brendon Anderegg, is a great point at which catch up. Our guide for this cosmic tour muses off and on over the tenuousness of our mortality: “a troubled clay figure succumbing to the mossy encroachments of his alien surroundings / he forgets to dream of the dreamer / haunts the epicenter of its polarity/ this trick of unbecoming / no light whose color renders darkness”  Someone once observed that you can travel the world and never feel wonder for what lies just a few steps outside your home. Sounds like someone else came to know this well, himself. A sadly brief (just under the thirty minute mark) album I could not recommend highly enough for anyone in search of poetic and clear-seeing psychedelic sounds…give it a listen, pronto!

Conjoining Currents: Drone, Psychedelia, American fingerstyle

Label: Otherworldy Mystics


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