(Quick Take) Nathan McLaughlin & Jeremy Purser- Levain

Levain is a collaboration between Nathan McLaughlin and Jeremy Purser, an uneasy mixture of spare, open-ended American fingerstyle and the chilly winds of reel-to-reel soundscaping. The two halves of the tape are divided into vague episodes– on both sides what begins as something rooted in Appalachian visions gradually disintegrates into grainy treatments of improvised sounds. Lots of extended-technique messings-around on the strings, lots of obscure and piercing amplifications. Ultimately, even more fog and weathering: painted rocks, bare trees, cold mornings. Good stuff from an intriguing new batch of improvisationally-minded music off Columbus, Ohio’s Cabin Floor Esoterica.

Conjoining Currents: EAI, Drone, American Primitivism, Andrew Weathers

Label: Cabin Floor Esoterica


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