(Quick Take) Talc- Bicameral Mind

Talc is the duo of Shane McDonell (The Occupant and one-half of Memory Metal) and Bob Desaulniers (sound artist/musician and member of the band Lithics, who kind of sound like Ludus hooked up with The Magic Band). Their debut recording, the Bicameral Mind C15 tape, is all kinds of awesomely mind-manifesting tape sound collage assembled from who the hell knows what to arrive at something both rough-hewn and glowing, beautifully textural noise. In May, they played the first Foreign Accents show with my friends Rust Promoter and Young Hound. That was a special set for sure, and if you couldn’t make that, I hope that you will give this artifact a listen, at least. To be mentally filed next to Maurizio Bianchi, Knurl, The Tenses…and all that jazz…

Conjoining Currents: Noise, Sound collage, Minimal, Maurizio Bianchi, Sindre Bjerga, Alan Bloor, The Tenses

Label: Permanent Green Light


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