(Quick Take) Nevada Greene & Scott Tuma- Ragged Hollow [Split EP]

On their 12″ split for Hitt Records Ragged Hollow, Columbia, Missouri’s Nevada Greene and Chicago’s Scott Tuma continue to soldier American Primitivism down uncertain roads, crossing paths with modern composition and post-rock soundscaping along the way. The Columbia band’s half, “Earthquake Hollow”, is a leisurely walk in the woods with fingerstyle guitar and fiddle, ending in a serene clearing, the final goodbye chimes in the wind and gentle synth pads. The contribution from Scott Tuma (something of a Chicago legend of independent music by now– check his collaboration with Mike Weis of Zelienople), “All the Ragged Glory”, is heavy, headily-resonating stuff, a nighttime panorama of rusted bridges and abandoned machines. A postcard from an America becoming more and more distant every day– a must-listen for anyone down with the real folk-blues’ legacy.

Conjoining Currents: American Primitivism, Drone, Post-Rock, Lake Mary, Marisa Anderson

Label: Hitt Records


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