(Quick Take) Moss Covered Technology- Speicherbank

Moss Covered Technology is a new moniker of English producer Greg Baird, perhaps better known as BMRN (BoomRuin). Speicherbank is Baird’s second full-length release for Eilean Records, located at the ninth point of the Eilean map. Right off the bat, in the space of the transition from the woozy tape-saturation ambience of “Midsleep” to the cautious first bars of “Story, Story”, you get the sense you’re in for something that will throw back to all your favorite hauntological downtempo electronica/instrumental hip hop albums, with lo-fi textures spiraling into a starry eyed spaciousness. You delve further and see that it took some inspiration from all that, but it ultimately takes the feel into far more abstract zones. For Speicherbank, Baird made use of field-recordings recorded in his home town of Devon, England; these songs are often a lot less beat-driven and more droney than anything, yet still finding that comfy feeling of nostalgia in decay in their crinkled, bleary layers. “Remembered” is a keeper like that, and the use of breathy samples against the dun drones of the gentle closer “Susa” seems to take the best of both worlds. Ultimately, Speicherbank is something more sensitive, more demanding of close re-listenings.

Conjoining Currents: Ambient, Glitch, Downtempo, Drone, Feend

Label: Eilean


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