(Quick Take) MO~DU- MOD02

On his second outing as MO~DU, Prague synth-architect Jan Jiskra immerses us fully in science-fantasy visions and pastoral calm. It is all expansive and rippling Berlin school sequencer-based electronic music from here on out, but MOD02, like the first MO~DU album, is all miniatures– no slowly altering long-form meditations to be seen here. The music of MO~DU, with its bright and melodic texture, its cinematic feel, sounds a bit like a collaboration between Klaus Schulze and Brian Eno– an easy-does-it nighttime flyby over a landscape with a dreamy, alien texture.

All the same, this second album is darker and more minimal than the one that came before, with tracks like the foreboding “Procyon B” and “Ras Hammel” giving the sense of being the isolated pieces of a sprawling epic like Blackdance or Rubycon. “Mira Ceti” sounds like dawn on another world. The cackling dolphins add a quizzical aspect of mystery to the serene and sweet “Zaitun”. Most peculiarly of all, MOD02 is dedicated to Joseph Merrick, otherwise known as the unfortunate “Elephant Man”, who nonetheless found peace in his last years. Works for me. Some fine adventures in kosmische sounds right here.

Conjoining Currents: Berlin school, Kosmische, Electronica

Label: Mata-Mata Records


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