(Quick Take) Lorenzo Balloni- 創生の最果て

Another beauty that deserves to not slip beneath your radar: Teramo, Italy-based sound artist and musician Lorenzo Balloni’s debut solo recording 創生の最果て [The Farthest Ends of Creation], off Yokohama’s murmur records, who have previously released material from Celer, Francisco López, and Yann Novak, among many other fine folks. What lies herein is a quiet acousmatic journey where the peaks are lost woodland cries, distant rumbles, seeping drones, pattering rain…it is lulling in its sensitivity and slow flow, but an ancient drama emboldens it. Those peaks give a cosmic backdrop to transitory scenes of kids at play, people taking their time, sparrows politely making their presences known. The collage makes a panorama of the impermanence of things– soft colors, clear lines, everything given room to breathe.  Born in 94, Balloni is a relatively young guy, but already he has shown himself to be an incredible sound artist. I mean, man. Like Luigi Turra, Fabio Perletta and Haruo Okada, and Novak, he crafts deep-listening spaces of an intimacy and intuitive comfiness– there is a lot to take in, but it is easy to immerse yourself. A jaw-dropping solo compositional debut.

Conjoining Currents: Sound art, Field Recording, EAI, Drone, Luigi Turra, Yann Novak

Label: murmur records


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