(Quick Take) Arsari- Scavare

Arsari is 21 year old Iesi, Italy-based producer of electronic music Riccardo Saraceni, and Scavare is his totally promising debut album, a resplendent meshing of noisy pop-ambient and glitchy, pulverized beats. He may at the moment be an absolute beginner, but it’s impossible not to get the sense of an assiduous pair of ears (that took in their fair share of arty, tactile mid-90s electronica/IDM, no doubt) as you pour over the wintry, glitchy vibe of the opener “Semi Di Chia”– melancholic and glittering, melodic and shattered. The pixelated fresco lives up to the album’s name and excavates a funereal, poetic spirit. Where I really found myself hooked was in “E Il Fuoco Si Rifiuta”, where a cautious dubby rhythm collapses into an enveloping, surging wall of sound– power ambient indeed. Scavare is fine stuff, and to see such a young artist with such a strong grasp of a minimal aesthetic makes me incredibly curious about what other offerings are to come…check it out, pronto!

Conjoining Currents: IDM, Glitch, Electronica, Ambient, Noise

Label: [Self-Released]


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