(New Album Review) Marco Marzuoli- Appunti

The ashen beauty of Appunti, the debut solo recording of Marco Marzuoli (one-half of How to Cure Our Soul and curator of Città Sant’Angelo’s lux), off ÉTER in CD form,  may sneak up on you in the same way that William Basinski’s Cascade did for me. You’ll be giving it a re-listen at any odd hour past 11:30 PM, and suddenly the quiet breathing of the ostinato melody just floors you, absorbs you, pulls you into its recesses. Marzuoli’s most recent album is in fact the awesome Senza Titolo, from Yann Novak’s always fantastic Dragon’s Eye Recordings, but I absolutely have to backtrack for this one, which came out mid-August.

Appunti is a piece for bass guitar, a loop that was treated through analog and digital means to enfold the melody in a hushed and obscured soundscape. The infinite repetition slowly emerges from the gloom, enveloping the space bit by bit. You become lost in it, and it becomes life itself, the world itself, your body begging for sleep, your head interrogating secrets, its tiny changes the inarticulate mystery of everything.

One of my favorites of the year. Essential listening for sure for any and all devoted to or merely intrigued by drone, ambient music, and other modern composition type-explorations.


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