(Quick Take) Ujjaya- The Landing Zone [Live]

The Landing Zone, available as a free download from experimentally-focused netlabel eg0cide, is a live recording from my buddy Hery Randriambololona’s long-active ethno-ambient project as Ujjaya. As his music has been borne from a wide variety of influences both musical and experiential (probably most important of all were his travels through Asia, collecting obscure instruments and studying Buddhism), there’s a lot going on here. Synth droning and voluminous billows from didgeridoo go well together to form an enveloping soundscape full of wonder and dread on the opener “The Seed of Soul”– that should give an idea of where he’s going with this. The electric guitar lines that sear through “Eyembilan” and the lovely “La Ballade de Taccoli Otenan” give the steady pulsations of the culturally-cross pollinating rhythms a fiery rock heart. African, Indian, and Southeast Asian vibes bleed together from track to track, with Ujjaya’s cosmic sound design and melodies making it all his own. It only goes to show that the music of the world is anything but a clearly separated list of categories. Emotive, dream-like, and never fully-settled…true fourth-world music from an ambient master.

Conjoining Currents: Ethno-Ambient, Jorge Reyes, Peter Gabriel’s soundtrack work, Jeff Greinke.

Label: eg0cide


One response to “(Quick Take) Ujjaya- The Landing Zone [Live]”

  1. Ujjaya says :

    “The landing zone” was a tiny radio concert there was just the technician, the host and me I made long ago. I never though it could be heard by so much people then .Thank Matthew for the constant support .

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