(Quick Take) Solemn Embrace- Arc

Solemn Embrace is a dark ambient project of veteran produce Arne Weinberg, and Arc is its debut physical release to Weinberg’s new imprint Cromlech Records. This fine collection, created with a modular synth system, is chock full of tactile sonic details. Ethereal, slowly-seeping loops and drifts forewarn that a gathering psychical menace this way comes. There is no release– it is all droney hypnosis suggesting superreal presences that builds and builds. The concept behind the tracks comes from the idea that repetitive mundane acts and technology-mediated processes are distracting us from naturally-occurring cycles, maybe disrupting them. As on Nurse with Wound’s classic Soliloquy for Lilith, looping fleshes out an atmosphere and ritual that penetrate to a mystery lying beneath. Moreover, the tactile fascination to be found in these spaces is certainly worthy of old school pioneers of concrete and electronic music. Excellent, totally imaginative sound design in tenebrous realms.

Conjoining Currents: Dark Ambient, Minimal

Label: Cromlech Records


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