(Quick Take) Orphax- Music for Thái Ngọc

Orphax is Moving Furniture Records curator Sietse Van Erve’s vehicle for deep-listening drone– Music for Thái Ngọc, the sixth and most recent offering from this project for 2016, is an immersive hour-long piece born out of a period of insomnia from Van Erve’s life. There has always been something of a vague ongoing relationship between drone-based music and the state of sleep, whether it be through actual sleep concerts in which attendees are encouraged to drift into another state of consciousness for the performance, or simply the way that slow, repetitive sounds evoke the landscape of dreams and different states of consciousness. The dedicatee for this piece is, in fact, a man from Vietnam who claims not to have slept for 43 years. On Music, Orphax dives deep in his bathysphere to summon up a vision of an endlessly planing waking reality, or perhaps misaligned perceptions. True rest now seems just an alien memory, replaced with the nagging weight of a ringing in the ears that lingers over the muffled, slow-motion roar. This one is most definitely worth your time, for its imaginative take on ambient drone.

Conjoining Currents: Drone, Ambient, Sound art, SleepResearch_Facility

Label: [Self-Released]


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