(Quick Take) Mytrip- Filament

There’s a bit of a snarl and fuzz to the ethereal soundscapes of Mytrip, the project of Bulgarian dark ambient zoner Angel Simitchiev. Mytrip’s latest offering, Filament, available in tape from off  Amek Collective, stands out among the thousand-and-one-drone and ambient releases to grace the netlabel circuit this year for its tense organization, its contained peripheral veerings at the brink of disintegration and carnage amid grainy electronic ambience. The tape edition of Filament includes three solid remixes from Ivan Shopov, Evitceles and Conjecture.

Insistent loops and electronic beats find their way into these mixes every now and then, relating the feel of tracks like “Fibre Mask” and “Soft/Outer” to minimal and dub techno somewhat, but more importantly advancing a sense of industrial menace that must be overcome. The ebbing glow of more ambient explorations like “Dust” and the opening moments of “Lustre” give the hint of that overcoming. Filament provides totally raw and cathartic psychical sounds that were nevertheless layered with sensitivity and caution– one of the best dark ambient releases of the year.

Conjoining Currents: Drone, Dark Ambient, Industrial, Dub techno, Bas Van Huizen, Damian Valles

Label: Amek Collective


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