(Quick Take) Gaetano Cappella- Maiella

The booming, rolling guitar drones of Gaetano Cappella’s recording debut Maiella, off Spring Break Tapes, have been wound into a composition that, across the two sides of the tape, finds an ecstatic catharsis and sense of wonder. The tape (named after Cappella’s birthplace and home) was initially released with no name given as part of a New Artist Mystery Batch from the label, whereon it quickly sold out. Those who took the plunge to buy blind were no doubt well-sated. Spare, sputtering beats and psychedelic mixing shenanigans send glitchy shockwaves through the raw, cosmic tones to keep things interesting, while field ambience conjures pastoral visions of saudade. Over and over again, the Italian experimental musicians and sound artists are the ones who blow my mind with the ancient feelings their works evoke. You can only hope that we hear more from Gaetano Cappella again soon.

Conjoining Currents: Ambient, Drone, Noise

Label: Spring Break Tapes


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