(Quick Take) Andrew Henry- The Sky Never Ends

My Pittsburg-based buddy Andrew Henry makes warm, loop-based ambient drone out of field recordings, samples time-stretched or otherwise, and other shenanigans in digital and analog treatments. His growing catalog of self-released albums is chock full of somnolent and philosophic stuff, but his newest eight song collection The Sky Never Ends is particularly powerful– perhaps even the most focused thing he’s ever done. Like Celer, Nicolas Szczepanik, and William Basinski, a loop becomes a vessel for a memory and a meditation on its decay. This is conveyed too, in two twenty-second spaces of silence at “A Moment to Look at You” and “Please Don’t Go Away”. And if the slow rising and recession of what falls between them, “Solar Obscura”, doesn’t do it for you I’m not sure what will. Good stuff from a guy with a consistently really interesting output.

Conjoining Currents: Ambient, Warm Drone, Celer, Willamette, Nicholas Szczepanik



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