(New Album Review) The Green Kingdom- Harbor

The Green Kingdom is Detroit-based musician and graphic designer Mike Cottone. His newest, Harbor, was just released on CD by Moscow’s always reliable Dronarivm (check their February release from Rezo Glonti, the fantastic Budapest) and it’s delicate, dreamy stuff indeed. I might be biased towards liking this one, though, since my friend Brian Young took the sweet photograph on the cover (as well as the rest for the release’s layout).

This hugely prolific artist’s work (2014’s Expanses would be a good place to follow up after this one, by the way) spans a variety of atmospheres and feelings, but for the most part it could best be summed-up as gaze-y guitar meshing with ambient electronica. From the pensive cycles of the techno-like “Haze Layers” to the shimmering open strings of “Thermals”, Harbor‘s sound often brings to mind the chilled-out emotionalism of Robin Guthrie’s solo work while it remains anchored by glitchy loops and insistent beats. This soft-color downtempo travelogue has an imagistic quality to it, bringing to mind quiet moments alone and with friends, playing with thoughts, watching panoramas change color. Give this a listen when you can, it’s the kind of stuff that rewards patience…


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