(Quick Take) Sustainer- Medicina

On Medicina, long-active Barcelona musician and sound artist Alex Alarcón, aka Sustainer, plunders keening and swooning string samples to create an ephemeral hauntology that’d certainly go well with a Saul Bass opening titles sequence. The swirling loops, generally sourced from obscure easy-listening records, through sheer repetition become something else entirely, draped with tension and romantically-flowing evocation of memory. Capturing these brief windows of dramas in music that is generally so forgettable, Sustainer creates a nostalgia for waiting times and moments in transit– he even included a field-recording of an elevator ride, as if to drive the idea home! It is most definitely worth mentioning that this project, begun around 2014,  represents Sustainer’s first foray into sampling. The forty-eighth point on the Eilean map is pretty lovely stuff, and sure to go down as easily for you as it did for I.

Conjoining Currents: Ambient, Sound Collage, Hauntology,  Shenzou by Biosphere

Label: Eilean Records


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