(Quick Take) Porya Hatami- Phonē to Logos

Porya Hatami is a musician and sound artist based in Sanandaj, Iran– I first got interested in this fellow’s work through a listen to The Garden, which impressed me for its sensitivity and the intuitive approach towards its concept.

Phonē to Logos, his new album for Audiobulb, should most definitely be among any ambient fan’s must-listens of the year. The impetus for this collection’s release was an invitation from Audiobulb to compile unused odds and ends that would illustrate Hatami’s evolution as an artist. The 13 tracks collected here include collaborations with Tomotsugu Nakamura, Arovane, and Artificial Memory Trace.

The pieces on Phonē to Logos take a while to arrive, yet maintain a certain familiarity and warmth. Unlike his Iranian contemporaries in the Tehran scene, who tend toward the synth-ier side of things for their cosmic melancholy, Hatami usually takes a very minimal approach, frequently using field-recording in his work and finding a cumulative glitchy poetry in carefully manipulated acoustic sources more than synths (there’s a lot of diversity in his work, though– the floaty, Steve Roach-esque journey Arrivals and Departures, for example). As Phonē to Logos progresses, you see how the textures become more obscured and distanced, and the stories manifest an exchange between reality and illusion. There is a stillness and organic effulgence to be found particularly in earlier efforts like the fragmented, wind-worn melodies of “Pomegranates” and “Parachute”, and though this thread continues through the years, on tracks like “One Way”, “QM_Interrupted” and his collaborations with Arovane and Artificial Memory Trace, you can see Hatami experimenting with sound design to create atmospheres deliberately unreal. It’s a worthy collection from one of my favorite contemporary ambient sound artists… I hope you’ll snatch it up!

Conjoining Currents: Ambient, Electro-Acoustic, Minimal, Federico Durand, Sawako, Human Being by Tomoyoshi Date, the films of the late Abbas Kiarostami

Label: Audiobulb


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