(Quick Take) Visible Cloaks & Dip in the Pool- Valve / Valve (Revisited) [Single]

RVNG‘s Valve/Valve (Revisited) single is a collaboration between Portland sound design duo Visible Cloaks and Japanese experimental pop duo Dip in the Pool. Or, rather, it’s a single consisting first of a collaboration between Visible Cloaks and Dip in the Pool vocalist Miyako Koda, reading a spoken word section from her solo album Jupiter, then the four altogether for the “Valve (Revisited)” reassembly, on which Koda sings. Though Dip in the Pool were after all a pop-oriented group, the playful, warm textures on display here suggest an affection for ambient-leaning Japanese composers most known for their activity in the 80s, like Hiroshi Yoshimura and Midori Takada. There’s something poignant about the nascent recognition characters like Yoshimura and Takada have been getting– who would have suspected that crate-digging obsessives would eventually resurrect sensibilities so delicate and unassuming as theirs? The second half of the single is where it’s really at, with Visible Cloaks offering spare, slinky production touches perhaps borrowed from modern club music as much as worldly art-pop– a comfy backdrop to Koda’s contemplative delivery. A collaboration that just feels, you know, inexplicably perfect…hopefully there’s more like this on the way!

Conjoining Currents: Sound art, Digital sound design, Ambient

Label: RVNG

Multimedia artist Brenna Murphy (of MSHR) has created a memorable visual accompaniment to the album that can be downloaded as a desktop application, as part of the release:


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