(Quick Take) Melodium- Luminol

On Luminol, Melodium (electronic musician and sound artist Laurent Girard) crafts downtempo electronica brimming with mysterious charm out of a sound collage of field-recorded mechanical noise and nature ambience. Radio hums and television chatter keep a human element intact as much as the melodies and rhythms that arise out of the controlled din. A gander at the techno-influenced vibes of “sn 4” will reveal how Girard brilliantly schools us on how to make a percussive, minimalist soundscape with the unlikeliest of materials. Perhaps the most concisely satisfying example of Audiobulb‘s manifesto of showcasing immersively abstract and playful sound design yet.

Conjoining Currents: Sound collage, Electronica, Field-recording, Glitch, Autistici

Label: Audiobulb


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