(Quick Take) Haruo Okada + Fabio Perletta- Genkai

Genkai, off Richard Chartier’s fantastic LINE imprint, is the second collaboration of Haruo Okada and Fabio Perletta; as before, Okada acted as field-recordist, collecting material for manipulation, with Perletta forming a composition out of treatments of those materials. The result, which could best be grouped in the much-maligned and ambiguously-defined company of “lowercase”, is perhaps “difficult” in the sense that it will resist a listener approaching with overt expectations. In its highly tactile passages of susurrant ambient noise, articulate percussive taps and rustles, and long stretches of near-silence it becomes something admirable for the patient smoothness of its beauty, despite its open-ended organization. Submerged drifts and ebbs give the impassive sense of inner deliberation from time to time, but for the most part Genkai is devotedly quiet stuff. Okada and Perletta’s work here sates abstract sonic pleasures– rain on rooftops, shoes crunching through dry gravel, the good stuff that’s hard to explicate, in other words. It is undeniably something deliciously beautiful on the whole, as well as one of the most accessible releases I have ever encountered in this vein. Here’s hoping this one doesn’t slip under your radar…

Conjoining Currents: Lowercase, EAI, Kim Cascone, Richard Chartier.

Label: LINE


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