(Quick Take) aἰών- Correspondances

On his debut recording for Paris’s Quanta Records, Correspondances, aἰών (aeon) forges chilly, metallic electronica with nonetheless more of a bounce and punch than more-avant-garde offerings from avenues like Raster Noton or Subtext’s output. On “Noun” and “Chemins Secondaires”, for instance, the textures give off a warm glow. Glitches have a hazy aura. There is a constant exchange going on here– it manifests in transitions from gliding, hissing noise to driving, clanging electronic rhythms. Correspondances evokes alien dread and transfixion, but its author’s approach generally goes the route of smudged, expansive ambience rather than that of crushed, crushing repetition. The colors bleed to celestial effect, the tracks flow from episode to episode like concrete music…it’s techno soundscaping with many tricks up its sleeves. It’s tough to pigeonhole. If you are still on the fence, then perhaps it would push you over to know that the mastering job was undertaken by none other than Rashad Becker. Check it out, right now!

Conjoining Currents: Experimental techno, Minimal techno, Ambient techno, Electronica

Label: Quanta Records



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