(New Album Review) Deison- Any Time Now

Hugely prolific sound Italian sound artist Cristiano Deison continues to advance the legacy of collage isolationists like Maurizio Bianchi and Robert Turman into the realm of digital sound design with the dark and lovely Any Time Now, off Under Many Feet of Concrete, released mid-September. Deison has been an active member of the international noise community for over 15 years, but if you have been keeping up with his work as of late, you may have particularly made note of the industrial carnage of winter 2015’s Nearly Invisible, his collaboration with Gianluca Favaron, and the ghostly pulse of In The Other House, with Mateo Uggeri (one of my favorites of 2015). Deison’s newest is an entrancing head-trip in which digitally time-stretched sound, vinyl crackle, enveloping ambient synths, and couched acoustic glints in the dark are all fodder for a soundscape shrouded in a staticky, distancing mist.

The droney sound collage of Any Time Out seems an often oddly-calming dive into the deep-end of violence and pathology. Morbid, sampled noir-chatter is just as much a constant presence as the slowly reverberating breaths of their diaphanous backdrop. The standout tracks are without a doubt the two “Motionless” pieces, in which frequent collaborator Andrea “Mingle” Gastaldello’s cautious, exploratory piano lines and spacious synths flesh out cold urban scenes further embellished by Israel Martinez’s field-recordings. Ennio Mazzon even shows up to add some glitchy touches to the brief respite of “Blissfull Moments”. This one is absolutely stellar stuff– a masterstroke from a staple of the Italian underground.


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