(New Album Review) Heejin Jang- Binary Breath

On Binary Breath, off Braeyden J. Mckenna’s Heavy Mess imprint, New York-based multimedia artist Heejin Jang situates field recordings of urban ambience as the meditative backdrop to glitchy, freely-flowing excursions in digital signal processing. The call of a killdeer echoing across a bare lot, the slap of a skateboard against the pavement, the distant menace of sirens…all these details abducted from the mystery of life suddenly register in your mind as elements in a chaotic collage as you take in Jang’s dreamy meshing of stuttering, splattering treatments with softly-breathing open-air ambience. There is much to admire in how Jang uniquely interpolates perhaps herself, perhaps the ghost of an avatar within the expanses of a space so seemingly familiar in spite of its inherent chaos. Wild stuff that comes highly recommended to any and all whose curiosity would be aroused by the phrase, “a beautifully-disordered approach to field-recording based sound art”…


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