(New Album Review) Noisegasm- Bad Trips & Chromosome Damage

Seattle’s Noisegasm are the duo of Brad Anderson on keys and synthesizer and Greg Weber on guitar and something called the Noisegasmatron. Contrary to the moniker, they are really more of an electronica outfit, though the churning distortions and ghostly undercurrent of dark ambience that propel their sound certainly set them apart as something more atavistic, nearly delirious. Bad Trips and Chromosome Damage is their debut CD, and should be marked down as a must-listen for any and all deep into industrial and ambient sounds, or, for that matter, feeling curious as to what’s going on in the Pac Northwest underground in that department; Noisegasm have been hard at work since 2013. Brad, whom I met at PNCA’s annual SIX  conference through my friend Tim, was kind enough to send me a physical copy.

The songs on Bad Trips find an ecstasy in their desolation. “Cavity Search” has a queasy pulse but it intoxicates as it steadily burrows through your brain, spiraling and spinning in a cosmic dance. “Indochine” could be a harder-edged counterpart to ink wash synth-fantasies like Vangelis’ “The Tao of Love” or YMO’s “The End of Asia”. Perhaps the pair are romantics at heart. As you delve further into the the emerald haze of the album’s second half, and lovely tracks like “Lucid Dreaming” and “Ether”, it most certainly seems that way.

For readers in Washington: Noisegasm are performing tonight at 8 at Seattle’s Pocket Theater on Greenwood Avenue to celebrate the release of Bad Trips and Chromosome Damage! Noisegasm will be joined by Tarsier Eyes and Kblanq. You won’t want to miss this one!


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