(New Album Review) Don Gero- Weirding

Don Gero is my show buddy Zach D’Agostino’s noise rock-influenced one-man whirligig for drum kit and modular array. Weirding, off Ewe of Now Recordings, is Don Gero’s debut tape and damn is it good. The first image that comes to mind as I zone out to this is a sort of krautrock console adventure– we’re racing with endless psychedelic streaks across a parched plain, weaving in-between towering red hills. Zach’s garbled war cry urges us further and faster through the manic, percussive maze and rippling sequences on synth increase a sense of urgency and claustrophobia underneath the reeling, unreal sky. “Keys Open Doors”, my favorite, gives that sense of the hero’s quest, both real and imagined, hurtling towards the finish line that becomes the beginning all over again just the same. And by the time “Stone Burner” finally gets us there, we’re dazed yet ready for another round. Like Boredoms’ Vision Creation Newsun and Destruction Unit’s Sonoran, this stuff barrels through insistent rhythms and glittering near-cacophony to scale serious spiritual spires. This lo-fi gem most definitely deserves your attention right now!


For my Portland readers: you can get your hands on a copy of Weirding from Zach at the release party tonight at Human Flesh Body World show house at the corner of Northeast Williams and Fremont. Don Gero will be playing with Sean Pierce of ASSS, Disxiple 113, and Stress. It’s sure to be a great one!


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