(New Album Review) Oliwa- Patagon

The slow diffusion of morning light across a cloudless sky: this is the feeling that characterizes Patagon, the newest full-length from Oliwa, Argentinian electronic musician Sebastian Oliwa. Oneiric keyboard melodies convey a sense of a slow awakening, of a landscape being unveiled. You can hear in aspects like the panpipe-voice used on pieces like “Orkeke” more explicit nods in the general direction of the ethno-ambient universe of Steve Roach and others, but what is often most striking is the warmth and weighty torpor of the effects employed. Clouds and waves roll. Mountains rise up, then are pushed down again. Memories last a long time, then they gradually unravel.

It’s all really gentle, gorgeous stuff that shows great compositional economy: a simplicity that reflects a certain open-heartedness. In short, the panoramic nostalgia of these ambient pieces maintains a fairly strong emotional pull as it drifts into fog. I think you need to give this a listen right now.


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