(New Album Review) Adzuki- Radio Sea

In Radio Sea, Adzuki (Tokyo-based sound artist Kadzuki Ikegaya) has found by way of billowing white noise and enveloping pads an immensity perhaps at the halfway point between the epic synth soundscapes of Tesu Inoue and the earlier, more abstractly experimental efforts of Tim Hecker. The mystery of the sonic territories surrounding your regularly scheduled programming is navigated slowly and steadily, delicate details always surfacing to the foreground. Fragile melodies buoy in wave after wave of saturated textures that trail off with a sense of contemplation. In short, these meditations often represent digitally-based sound design at its most evocative.

Adzuki may not be a well-known figure yet, but we may expect that to change soon– time to get on this guy’s stuff! Another excellent curatorial choice from Amsterdam’s Shimmering Moods.


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