(New Album Review) Black Spring- Golden Ghost/No End

I first encountered the English experimental trio Black Spring on, fittingly enough, their debut recording, a split with The Engineer for Monocreo; something about the chilly, insistent energy of that releases’s 19 minute post-punk collage “East to the Body’s Hum” really burrowed into my brain, so when I got word of the Golden Ghost/No End cassette, their first flight for Structured Disasters and the prelude to a longer recording due later in 2016, I had to dive in.

The trip begins without any fuss– you’re thrust unceremoniously into the propulsive krautrock/dub locked-groove of “Golden Ghost”, and as the ghostly keyboard ostinato gathers strength, you realize you’re being pulled by mechanical hands through blurry streets peopled only by vacant lots and silently staring architecture. Come the second side, and “No End”, the once mournful refrains have mutated into something a bit more uneasy, a bit closer to industrial aggression. The snarling soundscape relents at the break of day, its remains discarded into the wind at the peal of awakening automobiles. You get the sense of a band that has learned quite a bit from the likes of This Heat and Gilbert and Lewis without at all feeling the temptation to safely go through the motions of revivalism. I am extremely curious as to what their full-length holds in store; this will have to tide me over. Give it a listen!


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