(Show Preview) NW Post-Rock Collective Presents…the 2nd Annual NW Post-Rock Showcase @ Holocene 4/28/2015

I am very pleased to announce that Holocene will be hosting the 2nd Annual NW Post-Rock Collective showcase tonight at 7pm. This year’s installment is a special one, as it commemorates a year of tremendous growth for the originally Portland-based network of bands, bookers, and enthusiasts all up the length of the West coast. Portland’s Long Hallways (the backbone of the community and curators of the event), CoastlandsA Collective Subconscious, and Another Neighbor Disappeared will be joined by Tacoma’s Compass & Knife.


The name of the game this year is going to be Heavy– what stylistically unites this five-band powerhouse is the emotional immensity of their guitar-driven soundscapes, whether they be closer to the realm of emotive ambient music in the vein of Eluvium and Helios, like Coastlands, or closer to that of harder-rocking sounds in post-metal, the math-ier stuff and elsewhere, as is the case with A Collective Subconcious and Another Neighbor Disppeared.


In any case, I hope I will be seeing you there tonight, especially since I had to miss last year’s showcase at the last minute. $7 will get you through the door, and, more importantly, support the touring band.

Come out to show your support for a rapidly evolving and dynamic community, and to lose yourself in some truly vast aural zones!


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