(New Album Review) Valanx- The Towering Pillars

Currently-Glasgow-based mainstay of the German IDM/techno scene and curator of diametric. Arne Weinberg’s relatively new project Valanx is a thing of wicked beauty. In the contemporary divide in deep techno territory between immersive ambience and churning industrial dread, The Towering Menace, off Shimmering Moods, decidedly falls into the latter camp, though it never completely overwhelms, keeping the emphasis on the tenuously-still spaces-between. The dystopian menace of tracks like “Atonement” and “Engulfed” finds its affect through a cloudy mixture of growling, seething drones and thundering percussive lines. To cut to the point, on this one a legend schools us on how the dark techno-based sounds are really done; he began his recorded career with starry-eyed soundscapes influenced by his favorites from Detroit, but this detour through the scarier side of the fence is equally admirable, sounding a little like a jagged take on dark ambience courtesy of Pan Sonic.  One of the really intriguing electronic records of 2016– I hope you’ll give it your time.


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