(New Album Review) Lorenzo Masotto- Rule and Case

Rule and Case, the second full-length from Italian composer and pianist Lorenzo Masotto, off Kraków’s Preserved Sound, continues to explore the balance between electronic textures and dreamy neo-classical romanticism I found so admirable and beguiling about his debut Seta. This time around, though, Masotto tips things more in the direction of the electronics, pulling us further into the shade of modern-composition experimentation achieved with tools like MIDI and granular synthesis. Oftentimes the textures are little more than faint, tactile ripples across the surface of his pieces, like the haze that grows stronger and stronger on “Kepler 452 b”– this minimal approach reflects how the themes have gotten a little more chilly than last time, often permeated by a sense of stillness. You’ll want to keep up with Lorenzo if you’re looking for a neo-classical aesthetic that does not equate the search for beauty with rigid formalism.


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