(New Album Review) Kib Elektra- Blemishes [EP]

The world of modern pop, where everything has seemingly “arrived” in terms of being indebted to something or other while also being vaguely forward-looking, is overwhelming to survey. What makes a left-of-center pop artist stand out, when seemingly everyone stands out? Well, one perfect example of a place to look for an answer to that question is London-based producer and musician Abi Bailey’s new EP as Kib Elektra, Blemishes, the maiden tape release for sound artist Daryl Worthington and journalist Tristan Bath’s Bezirk Tapes.

It turns out that what makes pop music truly interesting is an intelligent but unassuming aesthetic of imperfection; these brisk short stories have a lot of charm, and the splattery, glitchy, bass-synth-heavy production of Blemishes is the ideal frame for Bailey’s crystalline, chirping vox. It’s worth mentioning for real that one important gig where Bailey cut her teeth was playing bass on Eno and Hyde’s Someday World; you can see on Blemishes something of Taking Tiger Mountain by Storm: a wonky tragicomedy of the quotidian anchored by breezy melodies. Characteristic of the general direction taken by Kib Elektra is that awesome transition from “Hairclips” to “Din and Drone”, afternoons of inertia giving way to a torrid, chaotic nighttime scene. It’s an excellent release, full of promise and of a well-tuned sensibility in need of more airtime in pop’s saturated world.


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