(New Album Review) Ennio Mazzon- Pavement Narrows

Ennio Mazzon is an engineer and experimental musician based out of Berlin, the founder of Ripples Recordings, and a really interesting character in the field of laptop music not least because his work is realized in part through custom software he has developed for himself and others. His new album Pavement Narrows, off Discreetrecords, offers a candy-colored take on glitchy electronic, a far cry from the dark ambience of his last full-length solo outing, 2013’s Xuan.

A steady current of choking white noise is buffeted by delirious beats– there’s something of a celestial, jazzy noisiness to these soundscapes that sends you twisting and lunging, stopping and starting through a maze of machinery. Melody vaguely flickers in and out of view within the racing, shimmering wall of simulacra. Pavement Narrows is not only very stylistically distinct from Mazzon’s past solo work, but it smacks little of the chilly austerity of the work of possible influences like Ryoji Ikeda and Alva Noto; true, it is immersive and (in part, at least) meant to recall a meta-reflection on the medium on which it was created, but it is a joyful noise above all, bright and brash, and liable to knock you off your feet. A really powerful album you need to check out right now, as in the moment you finish reading this sentence.


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