(New Album Review) Electric Eye- Different Sun

Electric Eye are a space-rock outfit from Norway who, along with White Manna and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, are managing to kick some much-needed life into the psych revival scene with a tight, confident sound which sets bluesy, driving guitars loose in cosmic soundscapes. Their new album Different Sun, just released this week off Jansen Plateproducksjon, is all gliding guitar lines, sitar, and tape echo adrift in an epic road movie spanning the dystopian desert of an illusory America. From the poetic lyrics that overlay the insistent percussion and blissed-out ambience of “All Of This Has Happened Before And Will Happen Again” to the swelling guitar riff on the chorus of the cutting, strutting “Bless”, one gets sense of a group with something more melodic and punchy in mind than many of their more droney, avant-leaning comrades.   They finally give into their experimental tendencies for the shadowy, ebbing closer, “Part One”, an instrumental that smacks of the dreamy drama of Meddle and Starring Rosi. Electric Eye have been riding the festival circuit for quite some time now, including a spot on the SXSW Levitation showcase, but they haven’t played Levitation proper yet. Listen to this one, and its dark, krauty rock that blows most fey modern psych-pop away, and you’ll find yourself wondering how that can be so.



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