(New Album Review) Warren Schoenbright- Eaten by the Forest [EP]

Another netlabel gem from the tail end of 2015: the experimental noise/improv duo (Daniel McClennan on drums, Matthew Pastkewicz helming laptop and other electronics) Warren Schoenbright’s Eaten by the Forest, off London’s Vacant Fulfillment. Though they are after all a noise duo with a drummer, McClennan more evokes the disintegrating ambient jazz of Tony Buck than Tatsuya Yoshida’s manic prog galloping. Pastkewicz’s insistent, spectral loops are equally adept at evoking breathless calm as they are with the tried and true gloom and doom. The pair can unleash an avalanche of noise rock fury, and they can explore impassive ambience via live looping– in other words, don’t want to be pigeonholed, and cannot be anyway…so don’t even think about it. A really wonderful release from a deeply textural project that really needs to put out a full length! Here’s hoping we get to see that soon…


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