(New Album Review) The Occupant- Gradient Rot

The Occupant is Portland-based sound and visual artist Shane McDonnell, whose contributions to Portland’s totally passionate noise community, along with those of comrades like Debris Field (Cody Brant, the owner of Textural Sounds), Tim Sternat (of AweFull Records, and too many bands to list, including Delusional Reality, his band with McDonnell and Brant), Open MarriageLamella, Geneva Snyder, Ure Thrall, and Indignant Senility, make it clear that the work of characters like Maurizio Bianchi and Robert Turman not only still holds a ruinous mystique but has soldiered on in spirit through the experimental sounds of the Pac NW. On his excellent new self-released tape Gradient Rot, The Occupant takes sound collage hauntology into deeply-textured zones, with impassive pre-recorded synth chirps and trills hiding in the shade cast by mangled sonic odds-and-ends, the groaning timbres of metal on metal. Nighthawks scatter before the gnashing teeth of monster machinery among urban wreckage, just before everything goes black. Truly mind-manifesting stuff…and definitely among the essential listening of the year if you are at all interested in the American experimental/noise underground.

Gradient Rot can be purchased directly from Shane via PayPal. Please listen.


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