(New Album Review) Martijn Comes- Tradition Noise

Dutch sound artist Martijn Comes‘s striking Tradition Noise, off The Silent Howl, ventures to Mediterranean and returns with what sounds akin to a jet-lagged meeting between Stockhausen and Muslimgauze. Comes’s vision of the sonic other has a seductive languor, with “exotic” sounds from Middle Eastern vocalists and players riding wave after wave of pummeling electricity. Like Bryn Jones and Holger Czukay, he sees the connecting threads between spacious dance-music mixes, acousmatic modernity, and ancient idioms, and leaps from one way of doing things to the next from track to track, finding the logic to make things fit along the way. Wickedly intelligent rhythms and bracing noise abound, but what really burrowed into my brain was the spectral melody of “Preveli Beach”– the sort of stream-of-consciousness loop that manifests in the face of something as seemingly endless as the horizon, or the weight of history. This one’s a real tour-de-force from a guy who is without a doubt the real thing.


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