(New Album Review) George Cloke- Hrísey

On his new digital release Hrísey, George Cloke (of the ambient outfit Team Morale, with Oli Dewdney) invites listeners to actively participate in the field recordist’s process of making sense of a place and drawing-up a sonic map of its disparate environments. The sound artist and musician spent a month on the island of Hrísey in Northern Iceland collecting the sounds he later compiled on a digital map showing the approximate origin of each recording
(the map can be accessed via this link: http://mapmaker.donkeymagic.co.uk/map/29103).
Nestled among hydrophone recordings of rockpools and awe-struck reveries beneath fireworks and flocks of seabirds the listener will find, on closer inspection, the points on the map at which musical tones complement the wide variety of  natural ambiences– the human reply we make once we’ve allowed the world to say its piece. By the time the delicate keyboard lines and contemplative downtempo of “ferry out” are unfolding, you know that this is a journey you’ll likely take again and again.

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