(New Album Review) Stag Hare- Tapestry

In Tapestry, Stag Hare, Salt Lake City based musician and sound artist Zara Biggs-Garrick, offers a sonic, well, tapestry, that’s all at once intimate and expansive– four hours taken up by 16 commissioned pieces. For each piece, Biggs-Garrick had to devise a unique response to the commissioner’s emotional directions. You have to hand it to Inner Islands for being on board with such a mammoth undertaking.

The dream-travelogue finds a tone somewhere between Carl Hultgren and Hakobune, with long-form improvisations on guitar sending delay trails infinitely spiraling– rivulets of a cosmic emotionalism that is adrift but not aimless.You enter these zones and, really, it’s up to you to pick a favorite. I was particularly drawn in by the eighth piece, for Braden Mckenna, in which crystalline guitar drips gradually emerge from behind a hazy, ominously shifting bank of synths. Biggs-Garrick’s impressionist approach, which takes drone as its foundation, melody as the emotional core, has my attention and it most definitely deserves yours. It’s a lot to take, but take it in slowly– it’s an endlessly enveloping offering from a true sonic painter in the digital age.



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