(New Album Review) Moon Ra & Nicola Corti- E.S.P.

Another wonderful tape from my buddies at ArteTetra, staples of the Italian underground…this time in the form of Moon Ra (a moniker of Florence-based sound artist Marie le Rose) and Nicola Corti’s hypnagogic drone ritual E.S.P. The general idea behind this release was to capture the phenomena of sleep cycles through dense textures that burrow deep into psychical realms. There is much to admire in this acousmatic trip, so comfortably curled at the intersection of psych-drone and dissonant avant-garde electronic sounds.

It’s deep listening that decidedly does not set out to be “easy listening”. Corti and le Rose’s extensive histories as musicians, sound art-architects, sound designers, and music therapists are culled to funnel a whole slew of diverse voices from acoustic instruments, tapes, walkmen, reel-to-reel records, and modular synths into a volatile current. The dream alchemy has yielded sonic spaces in which there’s quite a bit to chew on, from slow descents into nothingness to whirling clamor and back… deliciously mind-manifesting stuff!



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