(New Album Review) Doofy Doo- Portland

Doofy Doo is a swell guy from Sacramento who offers a playful and down-to-earth take on lo-fi folktronica-type sounds. He’s been pretty occupied lately, hard at work at his recording project The Tourist, which he self-released this month and for which he rambled nearly the better length of the west coast while on tour. 15 albums for 15 cities is the idea here. Portland is one of them. The Doofy Doo field  guide to Portland is a stream-of-consciousness tour through the sodden, morally questionable, well-meaning streets of this decidedly weird pioneer outpost I’m (usually) proud to call home. Our narrator for this True Life Adventure quips over crackling samples that he’s fed up with hipsters, but a grudging affection is what one ultimately takes away from these fragmented narratives (how Native of him!). If “It’s Perfect” doesn’t put a smile on your face, I don’t know what to do with you…


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