(New Album Review) Selaroda- viaje a través de sonidos transportative

Selaroda is audio elevation by Berkeley, California’s Michael Henning. His fine September tape release viaje a través de sonidos transportative, off Oakland’s Inner Islands, explores the ever-evolving layers of a cosmic dream posited within the tissues of the waking seemingly mundane.

Here, the sun-glazed lens focus on the worlds within droplets and grains. In the soft murmurs that accumulate to form the warmly enveloping drone of “phonons et phenomes, à l’infini éternelle” and the piano that treads lighly over a bed of sweeping, stately synths “ondas de reflexao interior”, one can see not only how Henning expertly anchors organic textures within a cosmic frame to imbue his soundscapes with an emotional pull, but also how he finds reflections of the macro-structures within micro-structures, and vice versa. Just as easily, though, he can bring us back down to the less-distant ontic level of life’s dances and humble shrines, through a percussion circle on “mgeni ngoma safari mduara chama” and a solitary, pious dulcimer on “santur solo from tau ceti f, circa 1929”. Make haste to check this one out if you like the sound of Robert Rich getting together with Date Palms for a joyous safari-rite.


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