(New Album Review) Ruhe- Patriarchs

The twenty-seventh point on the Eilean map is Patriarchs, a secluded hollow of tape loops and granular synthesis carved out by Vancover, Washington- based sound artist and musician Bryan Ruhe– better known simply as Ruhe.

What one is struck by when listening to Patriarchs is the enormous stylistic shift it represents from the approach he took on February’s achingly beautiful Chamber Loops (off DAUW), which was centered on found sound, spooled into bleary magnetic tape hauntology. For Patriarchs, Ruhe returned to the more organic approach seen on A Beautiful Weakness and incorporated some slow, delicate piano lines of his own to craft the loops and progressions making up the fabric of the album. The result is more ambitious than anything he has ever done, achieving an organically-wrought atmosphere of stillness and shadow on tracks like the title piece and “Shelter”. Nobuto Suda even dips in on “Restoration”, one of the lighter moments of this somber but lovely record. Watch Ruhe’s next moves with great curiosity– this one is not to be missed by any fan of ambient sounds.

like a tree
planted along the riverbank
bearing fruit each season
leaves never withering

forty-six degrees
forty-five minutes
fifty seconds

one hundred and twenty-one degrees
thirty-three minutes
eighteen seconds

this album is for all who yearn for



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