(New Album Review) Forest Management- Drift

The rapidly growing catalog of Forest Management (Cleveland-based sound artist and musician John Daniel) offers yet another hidden netlabel sanctuary of warm, droney vistas for dreaming. In a fairly short window of time as an active producer, he’s explored a variety of zones in sustained-and-delayed-to-the-heavens drone worship, from the reverential emotionalism of The Contemplative Life to the ringing, meditative tones of Hidden Sanctuary. His newest, Drift, is a wonderful release that continues to keep his course charted for decidedly experimental routes.

Drift is, in Daniel’s words, music for insomnia– two long-form pieces that roll, fade, and flicker like the slow tide of consciousness dropping into hypnagogia. The textures are beautifully listless, hovering just above the threshold of filling the silence that contains them– billowing and then shrinking like a dying candle.There’s just as much a shade of the spacey, avant end of the original New Age to this as that of close sonic relatives like Willamette, Ex Confusion, and my buddy Andrew Henry. Fall into the current of this stream, if only for a while.


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