(New Album Review) Noordwiijk- Sailor Boy II

Noordwiijk is the newest project of Jeremie Jones, a Montreal-based composer, musician, and sound artist. Over a decade of highly eclectic session work and ensemble collaborations culminated in January with this project’s full length debut on tape and CD off Jeunesse CosmiqueSailor Boy II, a loose concept album about a young boy’s journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Jones’s primary suit as an artist is that of a virtuoso bassist, however, for Sailor Boy II, he enlisted the help of a small ensemble of musicians on woodwinds, french horn, piano, and drums to throw a flurry of textures over the face of a spookily-beautiful ambient odyssey.

Sailor Boy II meshes timbres of acoustic and electronic origins in such a way that they become inseparable in their effects– the eerie rumblings of machinery are evoked just as much by a complaint from Guillame Bourque’s bass clarinet as the synth shockwaves Jones sends pulsing through the mix alongside Tony Spina’s scurrying drum strokes. Nervous stutters and swelling drones toss and turn like the movements of an unquiet sleeper– or like the young imagination’s awe in the midst of something seemingly endless. And then there are moments of sheer beauty like the tremulous, uncertain “Mademoiselle”. Sailor Boy II should not be missed by enthusiasts of dark ambient soundscapes and electro-acoustic exploration.


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