(New Album Review) Lake Mary- And the Birds Sing in Chorus First

Continuing the trajectory after the release of Dag Rosenqvist’s The Forest Diaries, for the 25th and 12th points on the map, Eilean Records shifted away from dreamy electro-acoustic sound art to put out two bewitching releases more focused on music from acoustic instruments: Pendel by Yadayn (good to see him developing even more after 2014’s fine Vloed) and And the Birds Sing in Chorus First by Lake Mary, respectively. Lake Mary is musician Chaz Prymek, who played, recorded, mixed, and mastered this album of pieces for banjo and acoustic guitar wholly on his own.

And the Birds Sing in Chorus First is the child of about four years of disparate recording on the road all through the Western U.S.. Train the ear with care and you’ll see how each piece reflects a different season of life, from the forlorn and resonant “Chipa: North Dakota” (easily my favorite) to the burgeoning of a second wind on “Whatever The Light Touched Became Dowered A Fantastical Existence”. The sound manipulation here is very subtle and spare, reaching its peak, honestly, on the shimmering overlapped textures of “The Sudden Bruise of A Rainstorm”– that’s more than okay with me.

This one would make quite a soundtrack to a sunrise panning across a big, lonely Wim Wenders prairie. This one comes highly recommended to all enthusiasts of experimental takes on the American fingerstyle-guitar tradition.


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