(New Album Review) Kris Dubinsky and Warmth- Nature in Its Forms

Amsterdam’s Shimmering Moods is gradually building an impressive catalog of ambient techno sounds. Of particular interest is Warmth (a Spanish electronic musician who goes by Agus) and Kris Dubinsky’s languorous, richly-textured collaboration Nature in Its Forms, which divides its time equally between exploratory beatless ambient and flowing, temperate dub techno. Whether beckoning us along for the slow-motion unfolding of “Sammanväxta Toner”, or on a techno voyage in the clouds like that of “Drawing Circles”, the duo have crafted enveloping, atmospheric electronica. This one goes a little lighter on effects than the capacious work of dub techno production virtuosos like Tamás Olejnik; however, it has a certain sweeping, dreamy quality to it that can lift you off the ground. Olejnik’s Singularity would be best-suited for an urban skyline at night– Dubinsky and Warmth’s Nature in Its Forms naturally lends itself to the forest scene on the cover. Highly recommended to all fans of deep techno sounds.


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