(New Album Review) One More Grain- Grain Fever

Grain Fever is the newest album from Daniel Patrick Quinn’s experimental outfit One More Grain. It’s been about seven years since we last heard from Quinn, and one gets the feeling that he has returned to expand upon his vision.

Browsing the internet for press offerings to One More Grain, one will clearly see that the temptation to compare One More Grain to music from the past has been overwhelmingly strong for many critics. This is perhaps because this is a project which hearkens so much back to the trailblazing of the seventies in its brazen oddness. Am I saying this has always been a revivalist band? Well, no. Let me put it this way: it is easy to namedrop a record from say, Matching Mole or Slapp Happy, but is it so easy to describe how it sounds? So may be the case with Quinn’s One More Grain.

This is wildly original free-folk…a mad, whirling carnival presided over by a gruff, streetwise Celtic poet-ringmaster. There are cosmos and cheek to be found here in equal measure. Compared with the rocking, angry swagger of the sound of Isle of GrainGrain Fever is sparse– at times almost ghostly. This is a true transmission from the underground…in this case a rambling tale carried on the wind from the Stones of Callanish straight to a depressing basement bar near you.



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